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Creativity and innovation is at the heart of the world's future.

Creativity and innovation is at the heart of the world’s future. People are not just drawn to high fashion, they are now more drawn to the how it was manufactured — was it produced in eco- and labour-friendly environments? Energy fuels homes and industries, but more important to people now is, to what percentage is it contributing to global warming? The future of agriculture, food, architecture and spaces, health, employment and job creation, and fashion hangs on countries identifying the need to deepen investment in alternate and creative ways that explore human-centered solutions. It is our hope that all African creatives and relevant stakeholders will share in and contribute to this vision of better positioning the Creatonomy to drive the world’s future.

The Creative Economy’s agenda on Creatonomy is to:

Revive Creative Culture

Revive Creative Culture to revive creative culture through festivals and events;

Fan Flaming Talents

Fan flaming talents through capacity building and access to financing; and

Set the Stage

Set the stage for creative dialogues aimed at rethinking approaches to solving societal challenges employing design thinking and digital technologies.
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As more young people enter Africa’s labour market, national economies will need to create jobs to meet the demand. Creative industries have the potential to address the urgent need for job creation across the continent.

MasterCard Foundation on African Renaissance

Policy makes everything function. It gives everyone a level playing field and ensures everyone in the value chain is respected. It helps us get the rates we deserve. It helps promote local content.

Bien Aime Baraza, Sauti Sol

Twenty years later, the concept of the ‘creative industries’, and their importance, is recognised by almost every government in the world and is beginning to give way to a much more inclusive idea of a wider ‘creative economy’.

Today, the creative industries are among the most dynamic sectors in the world economy providing new opportunities for developing countries to leapfrog into emerging high-growth areas of the world economy.


Nurturing the growth of Africa’s creative industries through supportive policies, access to finance and global markets, and investing in human capital— will unlock prosperity and unleash its economic potential.

Mastercard Foundation on Africa’s Creative Renaissance

We work with the best brands

We work with the best brands

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