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Explore and facilitate the creation of sustainable creative businesses with the capacity to create value tradeable locally and internationally. TCE seeks to facilitate the African creative’s journey from the idea stage to executable plans. Also, retool Creative businesses towards building a sustainable Creative value chain of talent/skill/idea inputs, and innovative product/service systems output to ready and accessible indigenous and international markets.

TCE, through the Enterprise element of the REPAC Model, creates business suites designed to commercialize creative ideas, research, and businesses in Africa. In the business suite are a product development work plan, business development work plan, stakeholder and market engagement work plan, and sustainability and expansion work plans.

The Enterprise element also focuses on formalizing the creative sector through stakeholder engagements, policy implementation, and creating investment platforms (through digital technologies) to attract FDIs and indigenous investments.

Fund Creative Enterprise: The journey of retooling the African creative economy is nurturing and commercializing creative talents. We curate authentic, investment-ready businesses. 

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