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The Creative Economy (TCE) has established itself to conduct in-depth research, commercialize creative ideas, drive the development and implementation of workable policies, and advocate the causes of the creative economy while nurturing interest. Some of our projects include The Design Boost Training Programme (Organized through Ghana Design Network—partner organization) and The Creatives Exchange Programme (Organized through Ghana Design Network—partner organization).

Project 1

The Ghana Design Boost Training Programme

Location: Accra, Ghana

Partners: Ghana Design Network (GDN), Butterflyworks, Netherlands

Period:  July 2020 – September 2020

Challenge: The Ghana Design Boost Programme sought to design a training programme to equip creatives in Ghana.


Using the REPAC model, TCE conducted desk research, incorporating the outcomes of an existing needs assessment of the Ghana Design community, the curricula of design education institutes in Ghana, and tapping into other sources of information and inspiration, which led to obtaining an overview of the current network, existing resources, used materials, methodologies and learning approaches. We, with support from our partners, organized an online Actor Network session, in which representatives of the GDN, design education institutes, and the business sector came together to identify gaps and opportunities in the current design ecosystem and the current design curriculum. 

Outcome: Participants of the Design Boost Training Programme obtained insights from industry experts from across the globe on the business of design, evolving as a creative entrepreneur, understanding the ever-changing creative ecosystem, and how to adapt.

Project 2

The Ghana Creatives Exchange

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Partners: Ghana Design Network (GDN), Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Period:  October 2021 

Challenge: The Ghana Creatives Exchange Programme was to provide a cultural, professional, and intellectual exchange between Creatives in Ghana and The Netherlands while providing an international stage to express Ghanaian creative talents, skills, and intellect.


Using the REPAC model, the exchange programme was designed, with support from partners, to expose and nurture indigenous creative talents/skills to be international market-ready; and to provide creative educators or instructors with a fresh and innovative approach to creative education back in Ghana.

Outcome: Through immersive ideation and pitch sessions, cultural, intellectual, and professional dialogues with esteemed creatives and creative agencies in The Netherlands, the participants of the Ghanaian participants of the programme have gone on to enhance their approach to work, and stakeholder engagements, and are paying it forward in their communities. Some participants have given training sessions to students using their learnings from the exchange (the design thinking approach to problem-solving and the business of design).

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